en-us Welcome to the CyGene Direct RSS Feed http://cygene.infinityarts.com/ Get up to the minute information and details about CyGene Direct. Interest in CyGene DNA Consumer Testing Products Increases After Recent Media Coverage http://cygene.infinityarts.com/blogpost-24807/Interest-In-Cygene-Dna-Consumer-Testing-Products-Increases-After-Recent-Media-Coverage.html CyGene Labs announces that it has experienced unprecedented levels of interest and requests for information following recent media coverage of Walgreens' decision to offer genetic testing kits supplied by Pathway Genomics in certain of their retail stores. CyGene Laboratories 2010-5-12 CyGene Laboratories Forms New International Sales Organization http://cygene.infinityarts.com/blogpost-23883/Cygene-Laboratories-Forms-New-International-Sales-Organization.html CyGene announces that it has formed an international sales organization. This new organization was formed to help expand the number of sales channels for the company’s multiple DNA test panels, which are primarily marketed to consumers. Rodolfo E. Gonzalez will be heading this new organization as the Director of Global Development. CyGene Laboratories 2010-4-28 Los Angeles Times asks CyGene President Martin Munzer to Weigh in on Jamaican Sprinter Usain Bolt http://cygene.infinityarts.com/blogpost-13777/La-Times-Quotes-Cygene-Ceo-On-Usain-Bolt-Dna-Testing.html CyGene Laboratories is the industry leader in athletic performance genetic testing, helping everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors achieve their optimal athletic goals. Company President Martin Munzer was recently quoted in an article appearing in the Los Angeles Times, weighing in on the athletic prowess of Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt and how genetic testing is another tool for helping athletes achieve their goals. CyGene Laboratories 2009-9-4 CyGene’s CEO To Speak At Russian Academy of Sciences Diagnostics Conference http://cygene.infinityarts.com/blogpost-13520/Cygene-Speaks-Russian-Science-Conference.html CyGene Russia, LLC, beginning to acquire recognition from the science circuit, has been invited to speak at the Russian Academy of Sciences diagnostics conference. CyGene’s CEO, Martin Munzer, will speak at the September 8th seminar and will cover “CyGene's products and technologies. CyGene is the first company to introduce predictive DNA tests and products to Russia, and the Vice President of the Far Eastern Public Academy of Sciences, Professor Iosif Piven, has high hopes for CyGene’s future. CyGene Laboratories 2009-8-28 CyGene Laboratories Inc. New Customer-Focused Website http://cygene.infinityarts.com/blogpost-13483/New-Cygene-Laboratories-Website.html CyGene Laboratories Inc. has launched a consumer friendly website, with creative direction from Infinity Arts, the new website is easy to understand and navigate. The new website offers detailed information regarding genetics, genetic risk factors, understanding your personal DNA and simple instructions on self dna analysis. The site also features links to the company's blog and its social media sites. CyGene Laboratories 2009-8-27 DNA Decoded – Bicycling Magazine Highlights CyGene’s Athletic Performance Genetic Testing Panels http://cygene.infinityarts.com/blogpost-12577/Bicycling-Magazine-Dna-Decoded.html CyGene Laboratories is the industry leader in athletic performance genetic testing, helping everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors achieve their optimal athletic goals. Bicycling Magazine was so impressed with the company’s athletic performance testing products that the company is featured in the September, 2009 issue cover story, “DNA Decoded”. CyGene Laboratories 2009-8-12 CyGene Shareholders Post Their Opinion on Pinnacle Digest’s Internet Stock Forum http://cygene.infinityarts.com/blogpost-12407/Cygene-Shareholders-Opinion-Stock-Forum.html Pinnacle Digest has asked CyGene shareholders to share their thoughts about the company in Pinnacle Digest’s investor forum. Although CyGene has not actively promoted company stock, it is prone to significant price changes based on a few shares being bought or sold. CyGene Laboratories 2009-8-10 CyGene Introduces Their New Alcohol-Dependence DNA Analysis http://cygene.infinityarts.com/blogpost-12280/Cygene-Alcohol-Dependence-Dna-Analysis.html CyGene introduces a new alcohol-dependence predictive genetic product that analyzes genes associated with increased risk for excessive alcohol consumption, substance abuse and some of the related complications with these behaviors. This test, as well as all other CyGene products can help improve people’s lives and are based on concrete scientific research. CyGene Laboratories 2009-8-6 CyGene Introduces Predictive Genetic Products in Russia http://cygene.infinityarts.com/blogpost-12258/Cygene-Predictive-Genetic-Products-Russia.html CyGene Russia, Russia predictive genetic products, Russia DNA predictive genetic tests, first predictive DNA tests in Russia, Russia DNA genetic tests CyGene Laboratories 2009-8-4 First Blog Post http://cygene.infinityarts.com/blogpost-10513/First-Blog-Post.html Hello and welcome, We've just launched our blog, stay tuned for great information and resources. CyGene Laboratories 2009-6-9